BedRover™ Orthopedic Dog Beds

Meet BedRover™

Odor Controlling

Activated charcoal granules are infused into a polyester layer and we then quilt it between two layers of highly breathable material to make a patent pending replaceable pad that we call OdoZorb™.


Materials in BedRover™ dog beds have the highest UL non-toxic environmental quality rating you can get.

Cheap Chinese Dog Beds Come at a Big Cost

Sorry, we’re just calling it like it is. Buying a cheap bed makes no sense.

Save the world 27 dog beds at a time.

It’s crazy, but if you bought a cheap Chinese dog bed every 6-8 months like our research says people do, that’s like 20 something dog beds over the life of your dog. What a waste! Just buy 1 BedRover™ bed and be done.

No PFC’s – We fight stains naturally.

To gain stain resistance, cheap dog beds often treat their materials with PFC’s. Google it, they’re bad news. Our materials are 100% PFC free. They’re naturally stain resistant. Guaranteed.

No VOC’s – You and your dog can breathe easy.

Off gassing is poisonous. Cheap dog beds off gas VOC’s. VOC’s are credited for a variety of health concerns including cancer. Dog’s keen sense of smell is highly sensitive and irritated by VOC’s.

More on OdoZorb™

Dogs can stink. Bedrover™ beds reduce odors… guaranteed.


Replaceable OdoZorb™ pads are encased in a removable multi-layer mattress section.


Because BedRover™ beds have serviceable components, they are inherently easily washed.

Dog’s Love BedRover™

We think our beds are great. But what we think really doesn’t matter.


From Angela 10/18/2018

Diley used to sneak upstairs at night and go into the bed with our daughter… not anymore! This bed is obviously more comfortable than hers is LOL!


From Zach 10/12/2018

“It’s the first dog bed Bernie has ever taken to.” We think dogs can smell the chemicals in cheap Chinese dog beds. Would only make sense.


From Coral 10/13/2018

Nikita does not like most dog beds because they are too hot. She loves the Levoloft™ sleep surface. Can’t get her off of it.

Go Ahead… Be Picky

We’re picky. We thought we should let you be picky too.

Generous Sizes

You’re not stingy, neither are we! From our small to our extra large dog beds… proportions are generous.

Fabric Choice

Choose your color combinations and we’ll build a bed just for you.


Your dog’s got a name… right? Get it embroidered on their bed. How fun!

Levoloft™ Sleep Surface

Highly breathable, naturally anti-static, stain proof, super soft and ridiculously tough. Just pick the color you love.

Better from the inside out…

We’ve gone over this. Cheap Chinese dog beds won’t last.

Better Materials

We source US materials from recycled products. They have very high “double rub” ratings, which means they’ll last long, and don’t contain dangerous chemicals like cheap import materials do. Not only are they safer, they’re hypoallergenic too.

Better Thread

As the saying goes… “the quality is only as good as the glue that binds.” In sewing, the same can be said of threads. US sourced, premium quality is all that we use.

Better Seams

The best thread and the best seams. We use industrial sewing equipment that stitches up tight seams that will last year-after-year.

Better Foam

All of our beds feature a cooling gel infused foam comfort layer (used in high end people mattresses) over the top of an orthopedic support foam base. All made right here in the USA.

And we back it all up…

If you don’t like it… send it back. We’ll refund your money.

BedRover™ 3-Way Performance Warranty…

1. Orthopedic Foam

If the Orthopedic Foam layer of your bed deforms or degrades (crushes) we will replace it for the greater of the lifetime of your dog or 10 years from purchase of your product.

2. Workmanship

If within 3 years, the workmanship of our sewing or quality of our materials fails to withstand intended use, return your bed and we will repair or replace as required.

3. Satisfaction

If within 60 days of your purchase you decide you’re not happy, return your product . We’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

BedRover™ Orthopedic Dog Beds Sizing Guide

BedRover™ Orthopedic Dog Beds Sizing Guide

BedRover™ CrateCushion™ Sizing Guide

BedRover™ ChewTough™ Sizing Guide

BedRover™ Orthopedic Dog Beds Sizing Guide

BedRover™ Orthopedic Dog Beds Sizing Guide

BedRover™ Small Orthopedic Dog BedTypically, the bed deck color is chosen based on the hair color of your dog… so as to not show dog hair too much.

Choose Any Color in Confidence

  1. Colorfast non-toxic dyes
  2. No Off-Gassing
  3. Stain & Odor Resistant