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You are obsessed with your dog

We’re obsessed with his bed

Unreasonably well made dog beds

Your dogs spend 60% or more of their life laying down. Get him a bed that he deserves. Bed Rover™ beds are made in USA of the highest quality materials that as a whole will wear better and don’t contain dangerous chemicals making them safe around humans and pets alike. Take advantage of our introductory pricing:

SAVE 50% or more when you order today!

Why Bed Rover™

Your Dog’s Nose knows

Cheap dog beds are toxic. Just Google PFC’s and VOC’s for starters.

Buy 1 vs 20

Cheap dog beds are wasteful. You’ll likely buy 20+ beds over the life of your dog. What a waste!

Rugged Medical-Grade Mattress

Sure dogs can lay on the ground. So can you. But it comes at a cost in the way of joint pain.

Certified Safe Materials

It’s your dog’s bed, but it’s in your home. Bed Rover™ beds are non-toxic

Ultra premium quality fabric

And they are even made from up-cycled materials.

We Cut Fabrics, Not Corners

Don’t be fooled. We are not just “assembling” Chinese materials and saying “made in the USA”

Support your dog and a better smelling house too!

Cooling Gel Layer

Same as in high-end people beds. Silicon gel infused foam comfort layer is proven to be cooler for your dog.


Actively captures odor molecules. We feature and activated charcoal layer that’s part of a patent pending design we call Odozorb™

Orthopedic Support

Same as used in hospital beds. The inverted convoluted support layer relieves joint pressure and promotes air flow.

Don’t Take our word for it

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Made to be taken apart

Easy Access

Bolster as well as mattress section all have zipper access and all parts of the inside and shell are washable.


The fabric shells are colorfast (even using bleach) and can be washed 100’s of times


Replaceable, recyclable Odozorb™ pads are encased in a removable multi-layer mattress section.

BedRover™ Orthopedic Dog Beds Sizing Guide

BedRover™ Orthopedic Dog Beds Sizing Guide

BedRover™ CrateCushion™ Sizing Guide

BedRover™ ChewTough™ Sizing Guide

BedRover™ Orthopedic Dog Beds Sizing Guide

BedRover™ Orthopedic Dog Beds Sizing Guide

BedRover™ Small Orthopedic Dog BedTypically, the bed deck color is chosen based on the hair color of your dog… so as to not show dog hair too much.

Choose Any Color in Confidence

  1. Colorfast non-toxic dyes
  2. No Off-Gassing
  3. Stain & Odor Resistant

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